Wish there was a guaranteed system to accelerate your commercial success?

Now there is.

A NO RISK system to help you create more effective commercials for your clients in less time with better results to make you more money.

Are you frustrated because your clients aren’t renewing their contracts easily, or even at all? Do they complain about lack of results, even though you’ve sold them an effective schedule?

Are you tired of grappling with writer’s block and not enough time to create the kind of commercials your clients deserve?

Or do you simply wish you could reach into a proven “bag of tricks” secretly used by top copywriters to create sensational commercials that pull like crazy?

If so, then you’re invited to try the Commercial Accelerator System risk free.

In the Commercial Accelerator System I’ve distilled decades of experience (and the results of my mistakes) so you can accelerate the skills you already have. Now you can make every a step in helping your clients more successful:

Here’s how to use the tools you’ll receive:

Take your time.

There’s a lot here. You don’t have to absorb everything in the system before you start getting results. After a seminar I gave in Anchorage, Alaska, a salesperson using just one of these techniques closed a $4,000 sale the next day. Any one of the dozens of techniques you’ll learn could be worth a fortune to you. I expect you to get results right away.

This is a system for life. Your results will build as you continue to use the material.

Understand that this is risk-free. If the implementation of this system does not help you earn ten times what you paid, or for any other reason, you can return it for a complete refund without time limit.

Before you decide if you’d like to have the Commercial Accelerator System for yourself, take a look at what others who have experienced parts of what you’ll be receiving:

Spurs new ideas pretty quickly

“Most of our staff picked up the 60-Second Copywriter and most everybody has a copy at their desk. People refer to it frequently. From my personal experience, it is something that you spend a few minutes with, starting at different places in the CD to help me with different clients. Spurs new ideas pretty quickly.”
- John Parks, Cumulus/Results radio, Sioux Falls, SD

I Got the Job!

“I purchased the 60-second copywriter back in April. Truthfully, it languished in its case -- until last week -- when I had the opportunity to bid on a series of radio spots for a pet supply chain.

Well I popped it out of its case and spent an hour listening and jotting ideas as they related to the project. I came up with three unique scripts and sent them off. I got the job! In fact, they are going to build an entire campaign around one of my ideas.”

- Pamela Patton, Paragraph Writing Services, Grand Rapids, MI

Another Robbery

“Jeffrey, I bought the 60-Second Copywriter after I had the pleasure of attending one of your seminars.

“Perhaps I can give you the ultimate complementary review - it is so good that one of my account executives took it with him when he quit. Now my other AE"s are demanding that I get a new one.”

- Ray Somich, President, WELW Radio, Cleveland, Ohio

Adaptable to television

“It"s given me new, fresh ways of creating a television commercial script. I&rsqo;ve used 60-second Copywriter to listen for ways to write alternative copy, using fresh voices, rather than the simple who, what, where, when and why. It’s easily adaptable to television.” - Claudia Welborn, KSVI and KHMT, Billings, MT Jump Start “I purchased your CD "60 sec copywriter" and loved it! I had all our whole team listen to it... great feedback! Jump started our creativity!“
- Marc Rasmussen, Vision Video, Sioux Falls, SD

60-Second Rich Visuals

“I play the CD over and over as I work, so I hear different techniques as I’m able to tune in and out as the day goes on. I really love the examples that you share - they’re extreme and thought provoking.

I think the best techniques I’ve found on the CD are the reasons NOT to do something and the flash cards. Your techniques produce very rich visuals...”

- Sarah Joshi, Director of Marketing Communication, HBA of Greater Kalamazoo


“Good teleseminar...reinforced the power of radio, the power of imagination! Liked emphasis on reaching the senses, touching the emotions...asking yourself how do I want the listener to "feel"..."don"t reveal too much"...the 5 tools...getting the listener to "participate"...The Seminar was well worth it! Look forward to the next one.”
- Mike Moffett, Sales Manager, Spirit 92.9 Radio, St. Cloud, MN


“I enjoyed the teleseminar last Thursday. Your insights on "touching people" echoed my preaching to sales folk for years. In fact, I was blown away when you used the term "frame line magnetism." It was nice to hear it from an industry expert like yourself. I appreciated your insistence on reliability, a frame of reference common to the listeners; and that alternative car dealer spot. “ - Neil Holmes, Voice Creative, Blacksburg, VA

“I especially liked your suggestion of coming up with 20 variations for the first 4 seconds of a commercial, the sound effects you played and how one person’s perceptions can be so different from another’s, and finally the “leave something out” technique, which gets listeners to participate in the commercial.”

- Candis Leopold, Operations manager, WKXH, St. Johnsbury, VT

Loves the idea

“The ad campaign you played in you teleseminar about the supermarket got me thinking about using something along those lines for one of my clients. I talked to her this morning and she loves the idea! Thanks for the help!”
- Amie Callahan, Three Eagles Communications

I Couldn’t Leave

“Your teleseminar was great. You used an outline that I could follow. You kept me interested, you kept on point. I enjoyed the humor--your voice is easy to listen to and you "keep it real"-- really! I also like when you mentioned names of other writers and used their work. It went a little longer then I would have liked but I couldn"t leave and risk missing anything. I am looking forward to the next one.”
- Leslie Maiello, WKZE, Red Hook, NY


“I had 2 new sales reps listen in with me to your teleseminar and they found it inspiring. I always learn something new and love re hearing what I am supposed to always remember! I look forward to more opportunities in the future.”
- Theresa Foley, Sales Executive, STAR 93.3 and The Breeze 107.9, Peterborough, NH

Truly a Storm

“A HedStorm is truly a storm. It gave me a storm of ideas to last months that will enhance campaigns currently in place and a bunch of ideas for a couple of clients that I am working to get on the air.

“The way you are able to transition from one account to another and come up with great ideas for both is unbelievable. You must be really old and experienced or really good. I&rsqo;ll go with the latter.

“Thanks again for your time and I look forward to receiving my copy of our conversation.”

- Jeff Hauge, Cumulus/Results Radio, Sioux Falls

How Quickly

“Thank you for the HedStorm yesterday. It always amazes me how quickly you can come up with ideas that will affect the particular audience that a business is trying to connect with.

“So many times I find that Marketing people are trying to come up with the ONE attention getting ad, whereas you gave me numerous ideas that will relate on an emotional level with the customer.

“I thank you and look forward to hearing you speak again.”

- Beth Plessner, Marketing Strategist, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD


“I needed some really great breakthrough ideas. You gave me not only one per client but several powerful ideas that will take me through many seasons of their marketing campaigns. Thanks, Jeffrey !!!”
- Lisa Skelton, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

What an Hour!

“Thank you for sharing your time and creative mind with me.

“I have worked with both of these accounts for several years and at times find it difficult to keep the message fresh.

“In one short hour, you helped me see many ideas that will keep the creative process going for at least six months, if not a full year.

“Your ideas opened my mind to many more ideas beyond what we even discussed during the HedStorm (Great Name).

“What an Hour! It went extremely fast and was one of the best-spent hours I&rsqo;ve had in sometime.

“Thank you again. At Results Radio we appreciate the fact that you share your creative mind with us.”

- Rick Fink, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

Powerful, Totally New Concepts

“I will tell you that, for one, the conversation we had about Ace Chiropractic and Acupuncture reaffirmed some of the ideas I was thinking and added some strength to those ideas.

“Additionally you gave me some powerful, totally new concepts. My meeting today with the client was more focused and productive than I&rsqo;ve had with him in the past. What I mean is that the same old crap about "TV is better" or "my budget isn"t big enough" or "blah blah blah" did not really come up. I went into that meeting with a head of steam that was a direct result of my conversation with you.

“I can"t wait to apply the other things I picked up in regard to other clients. My belief is that talking with your brain once a month would be a very valuable thing for me.

“My thinking, my confidence, my clients, and my income all benefit from the experience.”

- Mark Tollefson, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

New Avenues

“Thanks again for the HedStorm today. It was a great opportunity to look at my clients needs and come up with some great solutions.

“It seems like every time we visit, you bring me down a lot of new avenues...and help me explore my clients (and their benefits) from a lot of different angles.

“I&rsqo;m excited to help my clients with the ideas we put together. I&rsqo;ll keep you posted on their progress.”

- John Parks, Results Radio/Cumulus Media, Sioux Falls, SD

Soooo much!

“Thanks again for your valuable input. I appreciate it. I really like how you’re able to fit soooo much in with the limited amount of time. You think fast and on your feet. The hour was worth every minute.

“You help me by either confirming that I&rsqo;m on the right path or by giving me alternative paths that I haven"t thought up, as well as suggestions to improve what the client is currently doing.

i.e. The Happy Hour idea for Landscape Garden Centers.
i.e. The idea of doing the "visual" for LA Weightloss.
i.e. The RV Rally

Thanks again. Have a great day!”

- Misti Headrick, Cumulus/Results Radio


“You know what I really enjoyed about our conversation? Simply listening to ideas roll out of you. So many times a person can learn something that he actually already knew. For instance, the things you suggested for Los Toro"s (the exclusivity angle, whispering for effect and adding a Spanish twist) were not only brilliant ideas, but ones that made me say to myself, "Yeah, that"s great. Why didn"t you think of that?" You know what I mean? “It"s the same thing for TMA. “But for me, your ability to constructively think "on the run," as you do, is compelling. Sometimes, to get kick-started, all you need is another"s perspective; but to have a resource as experienced and educated as you is invaluable. “I appreciate your time and I will keep you updated on our progress.”
- Tyler Tryon, Cumulus/Results Radio Sioux Falls, SD

Phenomenal Ideas

“First of all, THANK YOU for the phenomenal ideas...I am so energized and excited about my job of creating ads right now. THANK YOU!!!!!

“Any positives? Holy crap...I&rsqo;d say so! The one I am most excited about right now is the guarantee for CHA...the $100 if they don"t call/contact customers if they"re late. I think it"s "safe" enough for the client to go for it...yet gutsy enough to catch the attention of customers AND their competition!

“I also like the "tweaking" of the ads for CHA.

“For Betz.... the positive there is taking the OBSESSED theme to the next level --- not just mentioning it, but jumping in head-first (or should I say "Hed-first"!!?!??). Really giving "em something additional to hang their hats on. LOVE IT.

“Thank you for the great ideas...and the ego boost with what I&rsqo;ve done so far. Your approval means a lot...I don"t feel completely clueless now!

“Thanks Jeffrey.... I look forward to working together again (musical image, perhaps?)...and can"t say enough about what you’ve done for my brain today.”

- Jen Heinzmann, Marketing Strategist, Results Radio/Cumulus Media

The best money ever invested on training!

“Thanks again for your help. I learned a lot yesterday and I would say after going to Roy Williams, reviewing Jay Abraham tapes, and rereading Michael Corbett etc., the way you deliver a seminar and work with people has been by far the one method I could - and more importantly my clients could best profit from.

“My vote is on this being the best money ever invested on training! The Google suggestion has given me lots of angles for research etc!

“Thanks for reviewing my production...I cut the ads talking into a phone per your suggestion and you’re right - even Jake said the delivery was far better.

“I&rsqo;ve scheduled several meetings with clients next week based on what happened yesterday and I have Jake and you to thank for that.”

- Nick Gondoras, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

Thanks for helping me grow my business

“I just wanted to thank you for the consultation. The client we discussed is one that I have been educating on the use of Radio and after our conversation I felt there are so many more ideas I can discuss with them. Being in this business for 12 years I really learned a lot in the minutes we spent.

“I really appreciated you showing me the things that I&rsqo;ve done right and the things that just needed a little bit of tweaking. You place things in such a simple concept that it"s easy to understand, which I really appreciate. I also could tell you enjoy helping others succeed by sharing all you know.

“I am looking forward in putting to work your ideas as well as the 60-Second Copywriter CD and Workbook.

“Thanks for taking the time and thanks for helping me grow my business. I&rsqo;ll keep you informed about the success of this client. I really believe it could become my number "1" Account.”

- Lisa Sissenstein, Rushmore Radio, Rapid City, SD

Fresh Perspective

“I just got a fresh perspective on not only the client I wanted to talk about but some different approaches in different industries. Even though I know story telling is the way to go, I needed to be reminded AGAIN.... Now I guess I have to work on storytelling and making it interesting to other people.”
- Lisa Skelton, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

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